This website is dedicated to the growth of Disc Golf.  It is our mission to bring this game and other flying disc sports to an ever growing, more diverse cross section of society.



Disc Golf?
What is disc golf? A Guide to Disc Golf from the PDGA
Fly it-You'll like it  By Duster Hoffman
A shorter Set of Rules  Good outline for those starting.

Throwing tips for beginners
Some fine links are popping up on how to improve your game.  Dusters article above is good.
Also check out the Jarva Disc Golf Park  from Sweden a great learning resource!
Another Swede, Lobo, has started a tips page which might be helpful.

Disc Golf Wisconsin
Disc Golf is happening in Wisconsin. Look into our courses and tournaments.

Resource Guide for Disc Sport Organizers
Do you want to build a disc golf course in your town?  Want to start a disc club?  Need help organizing a disc event?  Here you'll find articles and links which are sure to help you get involved.

Platypus Pro Disc Shop
Platypus has a bunch of squirrelly, tacky stuff.  They're our sponsor so we have to give 'em some credit.  Check out the custom golf disc graphics, shirts, hats and other stuff.  New custom stamps coming out soon.

Other Disc Links
Find out more about other disc sports; Ultimate, DDC, Freestyle and of course disc golf.

Things That Fly and Other Fun Links
Here are some fun and interesting (at least I think so) links vaguely related to disc golf.  


Search  Hasta  La Vista  Go ahead do it.  You'll be glad you did!

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