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Juliana's Disc Golf Stuff
Juliana has a page with a lot of information about disc golf in general.  She has lots of good links.  Her calendar schedule is pretty easy to use, send her your dates.
Disc Golf.Com
This site is the WWW Grand Central Station of Disc Golf, with lots of links and other useful information.
This is an online magazine covering current items of interest for the informed discgolfer.  It has informative articles and fun stories as well as the latest news.  This is really worth checking out.
PDGA Homepage

The Professional Disc Golf Association coordinates the bigger disc golf tournaments every year.
The PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory

Courses from around the world.
Disc Golf Association
The Disc Golf  Association makes pole hole targets, plus they offer some unique "next generation" discs like the Bowfly and the Blunt.
Innova Champion Homepage
All about their discs and other products, plus stuff on course design, and educational products and support.
Discraft now has a site with some fun stuff
Resource Guide for Disc Sport Organizers
Another set of articles and links at this site.  Devoted to promoting the sport, building courses, organizing events and clubs.


Other Disc Links

WFDF Homepage
This is the site of The World Flying Disc Federation. They have rules of all disc sports and world
The Freestyle Frisbee Page
A great site with nice graphics, animation's and lots-o-links.
Ultimate Players Association Website
The UPA website should be your first stop for info on the game of ultimate.
Ultimate links This site is loaded with the best and most ulti links.
Ultimate Frisbee Sites
A great set of links to Ultimate clubs tourneys and other info.
Conrads Double Disc Court Page
If you are not playing DDC, you should! Here's rules, tips and good pics.

The Australian Flying Disc Association Homepage
Link dead???
This organization had great info posted on the net. Does anybody know what happened to them?


Other Things That Fly

Juggling Information Service
This is the complete Juggling resource.

Ted Baileys's Boomerang World
This is a big site with all kinds of boom scoop.
UFO Abduction Insurance
This is cheap insurance in case you are carried away by aliens.  You can also buy used UFO's here.
The Flying ELVI
You can hire this team of sky diving Elvises to drop in on your wedding.  Why settle for just one Elvis look alike?

Web Tools

The Mouse Pad Graphics
Visit Vikimouse for really unique icons, lines and more.  She's a Packers fan, too.

The Banner Generator
Look here to create banners for your own webpage

Platypus Links

If you are interested in finding out more about the Platypus, This amazing animal seems to have become
a magnet for some unique individuals across the world wide web. Be sure to check out these cool sites.

The Platypus
More good information about these little animals
Australian Platypus Conservancy
Research Studies on the Platypus health, ecology and habitat requirements.
The Wide World of Platypi
lots of information on these little guys.

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